The end is near

I’m finally nearing the end of my next novel. It truly is bitter sweet as finishing means walking away from it while it has become a child. This is probably the hardest part of being a writer. Most would think that this is the best part of writing but it’s not. The only cure is writing another and going through this again. The good part is the excitement for the next one. It’s exciting because I know I will travel further in my imagination than I have ever gone before. Where will the journey take me?


Physics of a douchebag

I am rarely serious and have been thinking about writing a blog where every word is made up. Maybe it’s because I heard the word douchebagery and now want to find a way to use that word. I think the definition would be a person that teaches how to be a douchebag or possibly just the art of it. So if I do this I need to define every made up word as I go. This is probably the point where I say how lazy I am and this is never going to happen. Oh well, it was still a fun thought.

The price of a soda

Today I was forced to think about my past life. In that life I was in the heat and air conditioning business as a sales engineer. I left this career behind years ago completely burned out. It was then that I started writing. What happen was that I got a job offer to go back to that life. I’m sure I would be perfect for the job as I really am good at doing this type of work. My first thought was how much writing would I do while working fifty hours a week at another job. Long story short, I didn’t call them back. I am a writer and that’s all I do.

Lining it up

The novel I’m writing now is quite complicated. It’s not difficult for the reader but it is for the writer. There are so many pieces that have to line up by the end of the book that I wonder if I will make a mistake. The complexity of the story is so great I might not see it even during the read through. I have to laugh about it though because if I thought I couldn’t do it I would have never tried.

Just a test

I have spent the last two days doing what is called a nuke test. It’s a test that looks at the arteries to see if there is a chance of a heart attack. On the first day I get injected with a substance that’s nuclear and I always get sick for a minute. That is to stress my heart for the first round of X-rays. The second day is much better as the nuclear substance relaxes my heart for the next round of X-rays and I don’t get sick. If you were claustrophobic the X-rays would be a nightmare as you get enclosed by the machine so thank god I don’t have that problem. I finished went home and after a few hours the doctor called with the results. Just like I thought, there were no problems and don’t have a risk for a heart attack. It really was a good day.

It’s just one more

At the beginning of the day I was working on three novels. It’s funny how fast things can change. Was just sitting around, listening to music when my imagination took off at a million miles per hour. At first I wasn’t sure where I was going but soon a picture took form. The picture I sawn was yet another novel. I had to laugh because just like always I had the name before I had the story. Either way this one is nothing like what I have written before. This might be the most twisted story I’ve ever dreamed up and was so excited I had to write on my day off. Now to write four at once and believe me I will still be writing five years after my death.

Limits on Imagination

I’m right in the middle of writing my next novel. Every day the story grows and gets much more fun. In other novels I’ve written I have stretched my imagination as far as I thought I could. That was until now. In this book I have found a way to go much further to a point I thought not possible. It has been like discovering another universe. Now my wish is to take the world on this ride with me as this has been a thrill a second.